Microwave Sensors

AgilSense microwave sensors are high frequency transceiver modules based on the Doppler principle to determine speed, intrusion and occupancy. They are sensitive and responsive over an extensive detection range. Since microwave sensors ‘see through’ non-metallic objects, they can be easily concealed and have robust performance in harsh environments such as rain and snow. Designed to maximize functionality for the size, cost and power consumption, AgilSense microwave sensors deliver utmost value to all our clients.


- Low Cost

- Single/Dual-Channel Output

- Small Size And Low Profile

- Pulsed DC Input Possible

- Low Power Consumption

- FMCW Operation (Certain Models Only)

- Intrusion Alarm Systems - Traffic Monitoring/Management Systems
- Automatic Door Openers - Industrial Measurement
- Presence/Occupancy Sensors - Intelligent Lighting Applications
- Speed Radars


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