Agilfence perimeter intrusion detection system (Pids)

The AgilFence PIDS is an innovative solution for fence security, offering highly accurate and instantaneous intrusion detection. With its pin pointing accuracy, strategically placed CCTV with PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) can be triggered automatically to verify any alarm and provide visual tracking of the intruder(s). AgilFence PIDS is designed to overcome the perennial issues of poor pin-pointing accuracy, low detection rate & high false alarm rate in regular PIDS systems.


-Speedy & easy deployment
- Fence-mount
- Single run
- UV-resistant and armoured protected
- High probability of intrusion detection
- Highly sensitive sensors
- Immune to interferences
- Extremely low false alarm rate
- Proprietary signal processing intelligently discriminates against nuisance alarm
- Adapts automatically and dynamically to changes in physical environment
- Not affected by rain, wind, wildlife, etc
- Pin-pointing intrusion location
- Customizable sensor cable length
- Able to pinpoint to a very narrow zone (<10m)
- Allows fast and accurate response
- Number of perimeter CCTV required significantly reduced