Benefits of Microwave Sensors

Unlike PIR and ultrasonic sensors, microwave sensors do not need to be exposed for operation. Thus, it allows the sensor to be fully enclosed in an aesthetically pleasing, tamper resistant and waterproof enclosure.
Microwave sensors are unaffected by dust/dirt accumulation on the enclosure, unlike PIR and ultrasonic sensors.
Microwave sensors are versatile for both indoors and the harsh outdoors. Their performance is robust against temperature and humidity variations, low visibility (i.e., fog, dust, snow, sand, rain) and wind/air flow.
Unlike PIR sensors, microwave sensors do not have blind zones within the designated detection area. Hence, even small movements can be detected by microwave sensors quickly and reliably.
Microwave sensors provide surveillance and monitoring capabilities without identification, easing public concerns for privacy.
Microwave sensors can be designed to have a low profile and small footprint, thus, enabling great looking end products where tight spaces are a priority.
Typical commercial microwave sensors’ emissions are 20X-50X lower than mobile phones’ and more than 10,000X lower than microwave ovens.
Outputs from microwave sensors can provide rich amounts of information (i.e., velocity, travel direction, distance, occupancy, angular position) as compared to other technologies.
Considering power requirements and depth of information available, microwave sensors are more energy efficient. More insight can be extracted with slightly more power as compared to PIR and ultrasonic sensors, yet requires significantly less power than optical technologies such as cameras and LIDAR.



AGIL™ microwave sensors are commonly used in security applications such as indoor/outdoor intrusion detectors. This is due to their sensitivity at significant ranges and ability to provide added information about the intruder (i.e., direction of travel, range).


AGIL™ microwave Doppler sensors' consistent performance under all-weather conditions is an enabler in traffic applications such as radar signs, traffic counting, monitoring and traffic control applications. They can be deployed at intersections for traffic control, or by the roadside or on gantries to provide speed measurements and other vital traffic data such as vehicle numbers and types.


Sensor-enabled motion-activated lighting nets 50% and more energy and cost savings. However, lighting can be indoors or outdoors and require sensors that are resilient to environmental variations for easy deployment. Hence, AGIL™ microwave sensors are found in many motion-activated lighting products because it can be enclosed in weather-proof, non-metallic housing , yet maintaining consistent sensing performance under most weather conditions.


Touch-free applications such as contactless switches, auto-toilets and auto-doors promote hygiene and convenience. AGIL™ microwave sensors are commonly used in these products because they can be hidden in non-metallic enclosures and are resilient to dust/dirt accumulation. This ensures flexible and worry-free installations in hospitals, clean rooms, lavatories, food factories and bio-labs.


Sports radars are used commonly in coaching sessions to provide feedback on the athelete's performance. AGIL™ sensors' compact design and precise speed measurement capability ensures convenient and reliable information for tracking performance.


Due to AGIL™ microwave sensors' all-weather performance, they are the key components in automotive blind-spot warning systems. Compact, reliable and cost effective, they provide instantaneous blind-spot detection data, enhancing safety of the driver and his passengers.


For drones and robots to be fully autonomous, collision warning systems, and sense and avoid systems are necessary. AgilSense' suite of microwave sensors and solutions can provide the required radar frontend for compact, low power and all weather rapid obstacle detection, giving you the necessary assurance for your assets and payloads.

People Counting

Smart digital buildings are emerging with increasing requirements for people counting systems to monitor and provide essential footfall traffic information. This provides vital insights to optimize crowds, staffing, toilet sanitation and determine revenue. Our sensor technologies provide these insights discreetly, with high accuracy and yet protecting the privacy of the public.


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