About Us

AgilSense microwave sensors are highly engineered to meet our customers’ demands worldwide. Designed to be highly sensitive, reliable and responsive over an extensive range, our sensors are built to meet all your speed, distance and occupancy sensing requirements optimized for your business solutions.

Other solution suites

AgilLiteS, ST Engineering’s smart on-demand wireless lighting system, utilises a wireless mesh network of sensors integrated with a smart control system, to achieve efficient use of lighting, without compromise to user safety and security.

Our Company


We have more than 40 years of experience in providing Intelligent Transportation systems, Satellite and broadband communications, and Information Communications Technologies (ICT) solutions to governments and commercial enterprises worldwide.

At ST Engineering's Electronics sector, our strength lies in our ability to transform cutting-edge technologies into innovative products and solutions that are cost-effective. Our solutions we developed are strategically targeted at e-Government, satellite communications, rail and intelligent transportation markets, including rail electronics and traffic management, as well as eco-enabling ICT solutions for businesses.

Our operations span the globe with offices in Africa, China, Europe, India, Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. With a strong presence in about 30 cities, we serve a customer network that spans more than 100 countries.