The MP331 is a miniature ODM board designed to plug and play into your end applications, speeding up your product development time! It takes care of your signal processing for motion detection, direction discrimination and ranging. It can be interfaced via its digital outputs and UART protocol compatible for MCU control. Economical and compact, it fits into many commercial and consumer end applications.
Recommended for new designs
Product Details
  • Typical Power Consumption : 225 mW
  • Antenna Beamwidth : 32° x 80°
  • FCC compliance: Yes
  • EN Compliance: Yes
  • Length : 37.6 mm
  • Width : 27 mm
  • Height : 8.5 mm
  • Weight : 7 g
Security, Lighting, Touch-free

Key Uses

Motion Detection
Velocity Measurement
Distance Measurement
Direction Discrimination
Angle Measurement
Presence Detection
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