The HB101 X-band miniature microwave sensor module is an ultra small monostatic Doppler transceiver. It is suitable for applications in automatic access, security, lighting control and speed measurement. The HB101’s compact footprint, low profile and light weight enables OEMs to create products where tight spaces are a priority. Its integrated architecture minimizes component count for cost effectiveness.
Recommended for new designs
Product Details
  • Typical Power Consumption : 150 mW
  • Antenna Beamwidth : 55° x 60°
  • FCC compliance: Yes
  • EN Compliance: Yes
  • Length : 27.6 mm
  • Width : 17.6 mm
  • Height : 11.4 mm
  • Weight : 4 g
Security, Lighting, Touch-free

Key Uses

Motion Detection
Velocity Measurement
Distance Measurement
Direction Discrimination
Angle Measurement
Presence Detection